Biotechnology Exhibition

Atelier Aitken Bio Exhibition tequila chandelier JA.jpg

Bio-design and Futuristic Architecture Exhibition

This exhibition, includes an art installation that showcases our Biotechnology and Future intelligence in Architecture research project. The original exhibition was part of the 2017 Festival of Architecture organised by the New Zealand Institute of Architects. 

We worked collaboratively with glass sculptors, Isaac Katzoff and Stephen Bradbourne from Monmouth Glass Studio to bring our exhibition to life with some impressive glass creations, including the bespoke chromatherapy pendant lights and the tequila chandelier. The glass plastic bag installation that we have used as chambers for bio-luminescent lighting was part of Isaac Katzoff's exhibition 'Weight' for Masterworks Gallery. ACE (Architecture and Civil Engineering Students Association from the University of Auckland) have organised the 'Edge of the Future' photography exhibit and AR Hololens demonstration.

Our exhibition, 'Imagining a New Future : Biotechnology and Future Intelligence in Architecture', was presented by ArchitectureNOW, Panuku and the NZIA. Thanks to AMD 360 Project Management and Construction Consulting, Man O'War wines, Sawmill Brewery and E-Research lab from the University of Auckland. 

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Atelier Aitken Biodesign Exhibition Isaac Katzoff glass bags 1.jpg
Atelier Aitken Biodesign Exhibition Isaac Katzoff glass bags 2.jpg
Atelier Aitken Biodesign Exhibition Forest Silo.jpg
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Atelier aitken futurelab algae harvesting sand dune home.jpg
Atelier Aitken Futurelab Biodesign exhibition - alpine silo.jpg
Atelier aitken futuristic alpine home model.jpg
Atelier Aitken Futurelab Chromatherapy Pendant made by Monmouth.jpg